Educating the horse is like completing a jigsaw puzzle.  The complete picture will only appear when all of the pieces are in place. ~ Mark Russell ~

Work with the horse, not against him.

You need to have a picture in your mind of what you want your horse to do. ~ Ray Hunt ~

Equestrian tact is not only the subtlety of the aids but also the feeling for the choice of the aids that have to be applied, and it is the velvet softness in the coordination. ~ Nuno Oliveira ~

The horse is the best judge of a good rider, not the spectator.  If the horse has a high opinion of the rider, he will let himself be guided.  If not, he will resist. ~ Nuno Oliveira ~

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    Dana began her journey with horses at the age of seven and trained her first Paso Fino at age fifteen.   Along with learning and developing her horsemanship skills, she worked her way through college and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, with an emphasis in pre-fisheries, wildlife management and natural history.  After marriage and the arrival of two of three beautiful daughters, the focus of Dana's vocational drive and heart developed into the training of horses and their riders.  With great skill, practical application of academics and knowledge, and a compassionate approach to horses and their riders, Dana is very well suited for working with both.  Her horse experience over the past 25 years had lead to numerous horse and rider partnerships.



Building relationships from the back of a horse.

     Dana's horsemanship specializes in obstacle and trail riding with a variety of gaited horse breeds.  Through the years she has participated in a few local shows, Equifest in various gaited breeds demonstrations and stallion reviews.  Dana apprenticed with gaited horsemanship trainer Larry Whitesell; and also studies with Mark Russell, Wendy Murdock, Diane Sept, Debbie Davies, Melanie Michalak, and dressage competitor and instructor, Laurie Hedlund.  Dana is on the board of the Central States Rocky Mountain Horse Club and is a certified breed examiner for the Rocky Mountain Horse Association.

Dana's technique in training is based on the fundamental principles of artistic dressage traditions, which focuses on the horse's physical, mental, and emotional well being.  Dana employs a kind, natural approach that builds the horse and rider's confidence and their capabilities through education, mutual understanding, and effective communication, which leads to a fulfilling relationship.  Her foundational training utilizes the building blocks of cues that are light, clear and relative; which aid in seamlessly building a relationship of trust.  Dana's goal is to help the rider gain a greater awareness of the horse, as well as, gain the rider's awareness and feel of how his/her own energy and body movements affect the horse.  The end result is a relaxed, responsive horse that moves effortlessly in balance and rhythm with his/her rider.